To begin with, Asia can be described as the largest continent in the world covering 9% of the Earth’s surface. In addition, Asia has the longest coastline compared to other continents. The continent is too diverse and immense to just describe it as a single travel destination. The continent is home to the highest mountain in the world, the Everest Mountain and the longest wall the Great Wall of China. In addition, the continent is bound by the Pacific Ocean, the Indian ocean and the red sea, however Southeast Asia standout as the best travel destination for both local and domestic tourist.

However, as a first-time travel to Asia, you should beware of the following about Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting and accessible regions for independent travelers. The region consists of a mix of volcanoes, coral reefs, rice fields and beaches. The following tips will be of great help while navigating through this region. You can also choose to drive your way around the region. The best solution to this is using the Langkawi car rental system immediately you touch down the airport. It has the best rates.

As mentioned earlier, you can make the trip more exciting by driving yourself around using the Langkawi car rental.

Plan your weather.

Southeast Asia is made up of a hot and humid climate, which only changes a little the whole year. This is because the region is basically found along the tropics. However, you may find that many of the countries sitting in the tropics have their own micro-climates.


Try the street food.

Southeast Asia can be described as home to the world’s tastiest dishes. Furthermore, the dishes turn out to be the cheapest meals. With hawkers paraded across the streets, you are offered a chance to try out the many dishes. Night dishes, in particular, are the best time to taste all kinds of dishes.


Budget carefully.

Your daily budget on Southeast Asia should depend on where you intend to do and how comfortable you want to be. You can go for a budget of between $20-$30 in most of the countries. You should be assured of a basic accommodation, eating the basic foods and even travel using the local means of transport.


What you should pack.

Bearing in mind that southeast Asia is a place where people dress conservatively. While dressing, you should cover your knees and shoulders. For ladies, it is also advisable that you do not show excess booty or cleavage. While packing you can bring along the following.


  • Travel insurance
  • Camera.
  • Tiger balm, that keeps away mosquitos.
  • Toiletries.
  • Sleeping bag liner.
  • Simple clothing like microfiber towels.
  • Running shoes.
  • Swimming Suits.
  • Lightweight shirts with sleeves.
  • A scarf and a cap.
  • A loaded ATM card to act as a back-up.


Majority of travelers around south Asia mostly suffer from stomach upsets. You should be keen to observe hygiene on water and foods. It is very vital that you make prior arrangements on your health insurance. You could get some infections that may upset you while you are back home. The health insurance will be of great help.


In conclusion, by following the tips provided above, your trip across Asia will be an adventure to recall.