Must-Have Travel Apps For Traveling Abroad

Ever been on a vacation and felt ripped off? Be honest. Planning a vacation on your own can be really exhausting. Well, it doesn’t have to be! If you have the right apps on your smartphone, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. While you have 24 hour car rental services available to get you around town, here are some cool travel apps that you absolutely must have installed whenever you’re traveling abroad.


While traveling abroad, transportation is a big nightmare for many. You don’t want to feel like the taxi guy’s taking you in circles around the city. And seriously, who’s got the time for public transport? You should be making the most of your vacation. So do yourself a favour and install Uber. You can thank us later.


For me it’s all about the reviews! Be it restaurants, nightclubs or hotels, I have to know what people are saying about it before I book anything. And if you’re like me, you need TripAdvisor. This app shows you all the places with good reviews around your location. If you have any specific queries that are not already answered on the review comments, you can join the app’s forums.

Google Translate

Not all countries are fluent in English. It can be really frustrating when you aren’t able to convey what you want to. With Google Translate, you don’t have to worry about not understanding the native language.


If you’re traveling on a budget and with a fairly big group, Airbnb can be your friend. Its prices are definitely cheaper than hotels. Also, some properties even allow cooking. Besides, what’s better than staying with the locals to experience the place’s culture?

XE Currency

Dealing with a different currency can be tricky at times. So a currency converter comes in handy. This app gives you real-time currency rates. A currency converter may not stop you from blowing up on shopping or the enticing dish, but at least you know how much you’re blowing up.


Trivago enables you to search and compare multiple booking websites. With millions of reviews and photos, this app help you save both, money and time. When it comes to accommodation, trivago is guaranteed to get you great deals.


Traveling is fun! But planning it can make you crazy. The apps listed above and the 24 hour car rental services available can make your vacation smooth and save you a lot of trouble. So sit back and enjoy your break. You deserve it!